Welcome to STI School Academy, parents!

Parents are a basic part of any school network. Cultivating associations with guardians, graduates, and community individuals is a fundamental part of our learning network. It gives a culture of learning and giving back when you see the endless features of your school network meeting up to make every day uncommon.

Guardians are considered as accomplices with the STI School Academy in giving the best to every understudy. They are, hence, welcome for any reason. We especially urge guardians to visit the Academy to help understudies in performing, sporting, and different tasks. At STI School Academy we are persuaded that most youngsters get full profit by their schooling when there is a functioning and supported parental interest and consolation all through their school profession, and where guardians and tutors are believed to be cooperating.

Our educational program is perfect for those who haven't finished the Matriculation exam in Myanmar. STI School Academy is a place where we Aspire, Believe, and Achieve! As an institute, we are continually improving. We are excited to be an aspect of this network and implement new thoughts. At STISA, we build up a partnership and companionship between the guardians. This companionship welcomes them to return consistently. Our parent program additionally offers an asset and outlet for guardians who need to turn out to be more associated with their kid’s schooling. Ordinarily, guardians can be overwhelmed by volunteer or just don't have an idea what a school's desire is for parent aides. Our parent program takes care of these issues by giving them a secure and benevolent environment to be engaged with their kid's schooling while as yet being essential for the school network and culture.

We work intimately with guardians. We are focused on guaranteeing smooth lines of correspondence among home and school. STISA's weekly e-bulletin is messaged out and afterward, posted on our site for future reference. This is the place where we likewise post updated data about the uniform, budgetary help, instrumental exercises, and Parent Pay.
STISA post energizing institute news and update pretty much all functions. We additionally update our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page consistently. Guardians can get to all data about our foundation from our page. Also, we use messages for significant updates and to pass on data about an individual understudy where needed.


Understudies at the STI School Academy are needed to wear a uniform that is intended to encourage pride in the academy and advance great self-introduction skills significant in future life. All things of uniform are moderate and effectively accessible. STI School Academy expects that all understudies wear the uniform both while representing the school at functions or on visits or in school. At the point when the understudies are visiting and from school in the network, we expect that similar high uniform guidelines are met with the understudies wearing the uniform with satisfaction and role modelling our qualities.

All details of the uniform are available here. So you can read and follow our uniform guidelines.

Everyday uniform

• Formal white shirt with collar- not tight-fitting or stretchy. The top button must be done up and the shirt must be tucked in at all times.

• STI School Academy blazer with the STI School Academy logo.

• STI School Academy tie with logo. It must be worn properly.

• Trousers and skirts; Trousers with fashion labels, buttons down the front, gems, motifs, or wording are not allowable. Students are expected to wear correct trousers which do not include fashion/ fitted trousers for instance tight trousers/jeans. Tube skirts are not allowed. The skirt should be no shorter than 3’ above knee length.

• Shoes; Shoes must be formal plain black polishable. Suede, Backless, or cloth footwear is not permitted because it presents a safety risk. Boots, training shoes, pumps, casual shoes, and plimsolls are not allowed even if they are black.

• Belts; Belts must be plain black with no decoration or studs.
• Socks; It must be either knee or ankle length.

• Frilled, coloured, or over the knee socks are not permitted. Socks must be washed and clean. The smelly sock is not allowed in any condition.

• Clothes should be tidy, clean and neat.


• Hair color should be natural, with no stripes, no bright colors, no patches, and no bandanas.

• Hair should be tidy, neat, and safe with no excesses of fashion allowed.

• A large number of hair ornaments are not allowed.

• Funky hairstyles and hair bands are not allowed in any condition.


• At STI School Academy, we don’t feel that it is required for students to wear valuable bracelets, necklaces, and makeup.

• Students can wear one pair of small ear studs and one small ring.

• Students must not have studs or jewellery or any facial piercings.


• Facial piercings or makeup are not allowed.

• False nails and colourful nail polish is not allowed.

• Makeup items/products are not allowed in school.

Parent-Teacher Association
We know that parents play an important role in their children’s education. So STISA makes an effort to connect and help parents through our service team and regular communication with tutors. Parent-teacher association is a perfect way for parents to feel more associated with the school. We are doing our best to improve the student’s learning experience. With this program, parents can know more about their children such as their strength and their weakness. Our professional and experienced teachers will help to overcome your children’s weaknesses. The regular parent-teacher association program will set the targets for their future progress. During this COVID-19 pandemic time, we use all safety precautions for COVID-19.
Please take the opportunity to communicate with your child’s teachers and get a better understanding of their work in school. Know more about your children through our parent-teacher association program. Our senior management team is always ready to address parental concerns.

We are consistently thankful
STISA is consistently appreciative and thankful for the thoughts and important feedback to help understudy's insight. STISA remains tremendously appreciative to have a parent network who are so dedicated and supportive of the STISA and the schooling we are giving here. Parents and guardians can give their thoughts and feedback to improve the schooling framework. We are consistently prepared to execute your significant thoughts. STISA has had to expand contribution and backing from guardians in building up our self-coordinated learning program for understudies with numerous upgrades dependent on useful recommendations and thoughts from guardians.

Join us at events:
STISA energizes all guardians and carers to stay in contact with our news through our site and online media activity, for example, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We have a customary program of functions that guardians, carers, and families are welcome to including music shows, our school commemoration, and College functions.

Feel free to contact us:
Please get in touch with us and provide your valuable feedback. Any parental queries relating to the STI School Academy can be directed via school email or telephone 09 783 8000 62-63.