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Online Learning Management System
What is an online learning Management System?
An online learning management system is known as LMS. It is a software specially intended to build, distribute, and handle the educational content. An online learning management system can be a cloud-based platform that is hosted by the software firm or can be hosted as a stand-alone item on the organization server.

A learning management system is utilized for the organization, documentation, reporting, tracking, automation, and conveyance of instructive courses, preparing projects, or learning and improvement programs. The learning management system concept emerged legitimately from e-Learning. Despite the fact that the principal LMS appeared in the advanced education area, most of the LMSs today centre around the corporate market. Learning management systems make up the biggest fragment of the learning sector.

The main role of the Learning Management System

The function of LMS can change according to the organization's online training, objectives, and desired results. The main role of online learning management software is to organize and track online training initiatives. Educators can upload the educational content on the LMS platform and learners can easily access the assets from the online platform. In simple words, the learning management system is a massive repository where you can track and store the information. Anyone with a username and password can access these educational assets whenever and wherever.

This platform offers and manages different types of content including courses, videos, and documents. Normally, resources are uploaded to the LMS, which makes them simply accessible to students. Without any third-party software, you can develop online training material. A learning management system is used to identify learning and training gaps, use reporting, and analytical information.

Online learning management software is focused on online learning delivery and acting as a platform for online content. It is also utilized to offer classroom management for teacher-led training or a flipped classroom. There are two types of users in LMS; first, E-learning experts who rely on the learning management system to offer information and update the learning elements; Second, learners who utilize the LMS to join in an online training course.

At STI school academy, we are offering an effective online learning management system which is known as the KPN learning platform. Using the best online KPN learning platform, we are improving our educational system. At STI school academy, we utilize software and equipment to enhance the learning experience in the classroom and enhance student's education results.

KPN is a mixture of technology and education on a single platform

KPN is an educational technology for learning management systems, for example, fools for students and curriculum management and education management information systems.

Here KPN platform is playing a very important role to boost student's careers. KPN offers modern education for students and parents all over Myanmar, anytime, anywhere. KPN is introduced to learn for all ages.

KPN is an integrated set of interactive online services that offer learners, educators, and others included in education resources, tools, and information to improve and help education management and delivery.

Leading academies such as STI school academy permits their students to access lectures online as well as to submit assignments online. STI school academy utilized an EdTech platform to offer an effective and digital learning environment in Myanmar.

KPN is a vast repository where you can save and track information. Anyone with login details can access the online learning material wherever and whenever. Students can access our online learning management system from different devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

The conventional scholarly world is changing, with progress in innovation and changing understudy desires opening ways to better approaches for learning, and engaging in with course materials. Innovation and training are an incredible mix whenever utilized along with a correct reason and vision. With innovation, teachers, understudies, and guardians have an assortment of learning devices readily available.

The advancing design of training has empowered edtech to make efficiencies, reduced expenses, and backing new degrees of standardization. Engaging with understudies in an imaginative way so they can undoubtedly comprehend and process data is the way to energize free learning. Subsequently, edtech gives a considerably more compensating environment for both understudies and educators. Overall the learning system can be improved by using the best online KPN learning platform.

KPN is a massive source of online courses with topics widely on topics like business, health science, engineering and architecture, computer science, personal development, and more. KPN's courses may vary as the tutor can include text elements, video, audio, and quizzes. All courses are created and managed by professional and experienced tutors. All courses include short video lessons and this is helpful to understand more about topics.

We offer different activities and assignments to enhance the learning experience. It covers different courses such as Python, AutoCAD, Business IT, Business Communication, Basic Engineering Drawing, Marketing, Business Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Management, sketch Up, C-sharp (Part-1), It fundamentals, and more.

Access from anywhere, anytime;

The education sector is facing difficulties during this COVID pandemic time. The corona induced nationwide school and university closures have affected the lives of nearly 1.5 billion learners across 196 countries. This situation is prompting schools and universities to switch to an online education platform so that learning continues during COVID pandemic time.

Here, the learning management system is playing an essential role to offer an online education environment. It combines technology and education on a single platform. Although web-based learning is a perfect way to deal with advanced learning.
At STISA, we are offering the lessons and training material through online learning management system during this pandemic time. There are different advantages that our KPN online learning platform can bring to your classroom. Some benefits are Dynamic progress tracking, Classroom engagement, Interactive education, Improved collaboration, Detailed student data, Save time, Efficient learning processes, Performance measurement, Paperless grading, Improved communication, and Improved collaboration. STISA is using the KPN online learning platform to transfer the whole teaching and learning journey.

Go paperless

Imagine a classroom without pencils, paper, or books. Yes, it is possible with an online educational platform such as KPN. Online learning platforms allow us to go paperless.
Entry into the online learning platform permits students to have all of their notes and books on one device. Students can access them according to requirements. With this, they can avoid paperwork. It is also the best way for the school to save money.

Another significant addition from going paperless is the capacity to save time. Educators spend innumerable hours pulling home huge stacks of paper and evaluating them. Tech empowers tasks, for example, evaluating and keeping participation can be smooth and simple.

Collaborate with ease
KPN's online learning platform allows students to collaborate. Whether in the classroom or at home, students can work on projects or assignments together and communicate easily. For instance, brainstorm, take and give feedback, simply hang out and make media. We offer the best way to encourage students to learn and work together. They can improve their teamwork skills. With this online platform, we are allowing our students to collaborate and meet with mentors from across the world. Furthermore, teamwork leads to knowledge building. Our online learning platform will assist you to learn more and improve your teamwork skills.

Track progress dynamically

With an online learning platform, educators are capable of accessing real-time data on student performance and engagement, allowing them to classify the students who may need a bit of additional consideration and who are prepared to move onto the next step. This platform offers technology to find and understand student learning patterns. Online learning platforms offer the flexibility to customize lesson plans for every student's specific requirements and interests.

Ramp up student engagement

Low student engagement is a major problem in every school and university. Low student engagement means students are not participating or paying attention in classrooms. KPN's online learning platform is a perfect solution to this problem. Teachers can put the power of learning straight into the student’s hand by including technology into the teaching routine. With advanced technology, the student can get everything they require in their hand whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop! With an advanced learning platform, students can learn valuable skills while they use the learning platform regularly.
Not only does commitment improve, but ever more students become motivated about learning. KPN increases the engagement rate of the students in the classroom who may be shyer. Including the technology in an educational plan can increase student engagement without demanding teachers to do a lot of additional work.

Save you time and efforts

As we know that time is very important to point in our life. KPN is offering a platform to save time and effort. It provides the flexibility to access courses anytime, anywhere. So you don't need to buy any book or you don't require any paper notes to learn. You can easily log in from any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. For this, a username and password are required. After login, you can access your course online from your home. Online learning platforms overhauled the learning environment's benefits and developed opportunities for better teaching and learning in the classroom and at home by utilizing PCs, and smart gadgets. This study innovation drives understudies and offers them structure, and makes plans for good learning even at home with the Internet.

Different categories

The main advantage of the KPN online learning platform is that you can find your course by category. There are different types of categories such as business, health science, engineering and architecture, computer science, and personal development.

Personalize learning for every student

Learning can be personalized with KPN. The online learning platform assists educators to differentiate learning. An online learning platform doesn't have to stop when students go home. They can continue their learning at home use devices. Students can access their courses according to the requirement from any place.

Impacts of online learning

Online learning has gained a vast reputation among students pursuing higher education and working professionals. Online can be managed around their schedule which may include internship and full-time employment. Web-based learning can also assist them to take some quiet time to study. Online learning platforms offer opportunities to become more independent. It also assists students to pursue highly individualized learning programs possibly even college-level courses. Students can discover their choices by trying out introductory subjects from various arenas, before committing to a specialty.

Students can take advantage of advanced learning through mobile applications. It means they can use an online learning management system through devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. To use LMS, specific usernames and passwords are required. After login the LMS, the student can access their online course from anywhere at any time. They are also free to select any course and any time according to requirements.

Our KPN online learning programs will also offer opportunities for children from middle-class families who have limited access to educational resources such as textbooks, teachers, and infrastructure. Our platform connects them to a worldwide network of online learners, exposing them to new viewpoints. The concept that students get will not be restricted by the number of heads in one classroom.

KPN online learning platform is also beneficial for teachers

Our online learning platform is also designed to offer a range of learning styles among students. Additional efforts in the learning system can assist the student to understand different concepts and effectively resolve questions. So as professional educators, we have to put additional efforts to incorporate online learning programs into the curriculum in an effective way.

The online learning platform is also assisting educators to boost their skills in the education system, policy, curriculum implementation, leadership both with help of institutions and independently. It permits educators to collaborate with peers. Online learning platforms also assist them to learn new instructional skills that are connected to their career. KPN can assist them to build new capabilities and skills in their students with the support of interdisciplinary approaches and technology.

Principles of Good Teaching

Based on significant educational exploration, we outlined some standards of our online learning platform for student education, values that have been extensively recognized as measures for refereeing the effectiveness of classroom education. KPN includes elements in each of the seven areas, as demonstrated below:

• This will assist to encourage faculty-student contact via private message. Now faculty and students can communicate easily. This also permits educators to be active by following up on students who are not paying attention to the discussion, chat, etc. It provides a way in which faculty and students can contact through the discussion media.

• Teachers can provide feedback on KPN online learning platform. They can also track every students.

• Students can see the results of the test. This will assist to improve their grades. With this platform, teachers can promptly respond to student queries. KPN permits you to offer both informational feedback and acknowledgment.

• It supports dynamic learning, teachers can exploit the rich interactivity on the internet by planning tasks around suitable Websites. At the point when understudies go to these sites, they make decisions, and they gain from their decisions. Dynamic adapting additionally happens when understudies work cooperatively. It provides understudies more control, influential positions, and alternatives in what tasks to finish.

• It allows students to collaborate. Whether in the classroom or at home, students can work on projects or assignments together and communicate easily. For instance, brainstorm, take and give feedback, simply hang out and make media. We offer the best way to encourage students to learn and work together. They can improve their teamwork skills. With this online platform, we are allowing our students to collaborate and meet with mentors from across the world. Furthermore, teamwork leads to knowledge building. Our online learning platform will assist you to learn more and improve your teamwork skills.

Learn on your schedule

KPN has different courses and they are available at the best price. KPN offers the tools and skills to teach what you love. At KPN, we inspire students to learn more. We are making them prepared for the future by being their learning partner. We permit students to be active and be involved in their education. We are here to address every child’s learning requirements. KPN crafts learning pathways for students that address their unique desires. Contact us for more information. We have a professional and experienced support team. You can contact our support team for any query. They are always available to assist you. What are you waiting for? Expand your career opportunities with KPN.