STI School Academy is offering the first diploma program for the students of 12th grade. It is a kind of vocational training from which the students can earn a livelihood. When a student completes the school education, it takes a lot to get a job that can secure your career. We understand that you want to make sure that you have complete knowledge and confidence to take your life to the next level of success. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get further education or want to go straight to employment.

The STI School Academy can help you to develop a supportive career and help you to make a decision for your future. We have solutions that will support you to ensure that you are fulfilling the requirement for a good career. Our guidance and counseling will help you with our wide range of resources and qualifications.

A diploma is the foundation of any course in which you will learn the basic knowledge about the specific field. The diploma program polishes your skills and renders a practical exposure to the problems faced during a profession or job. The benefits of diploma courses are that you can get straight employment after the successful completion of the course or you can also apply to higher education. You will learn the skills or techniques in a better way that can help get a job for yourself.

STISA Infrastructure
We have a high-class structure for our students and all facilities required for students. Our schools focus on the all-round development of a child that is why we have the best infrastructure. The school building includes:

Sports Ground
Our school has a sports ground so that students can also learn their favorite sport along with studies. Playing sports develops various kinds of skills like cooperation, team goal management, anger management, discipline, coordination, and many more. It is also necessary for maintaining your physical health as it is equally important as studies. We have the best instructors and coaches who can guide you on how to play. Our school also conducts sports competitions and also takes part in outer competitions.

Computer Lab
Fully equipped computer lab for the students who want to learn and practice computers. We have the latest hardware and software installed in our computer lab for better and enhanced learning of the students. For each class, we have a weekly computer lab period so that students get the time and their learning will be on a regular basis. The basic knowledge of information technology IT is very important in this digital world.

Those students who love reading and want to explore new knowledgeable things. Our school has a library for them that is full of books of all the subjects, novels, encyclopedia, and informational books. You can read them in your free time in the library and you can also get them issued so that you can read them at your home.

Well Structured Classrooms
Our classrooms are well-ventilated and spacious so that children feel comfortable there. Proper ventilation is required so that children receive the required amount of oxygen and fresh air which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and the mind. Well-designed furniture by keeping in mind the safety and right sitting posture of the students. The classroom is equipped with the proper and right amount of furniture.

Science Laboratory
For the students of science, we have science laboratories that are well equipped with everything required by the students. We have a separate laboratory for chemistry and biology that have all the necessary tools and equipment that are required to perform the operations. Learn practical knowledge also along with theoretical knowledge.

A fully equipped auditorium with the latest multimedia running technology along with the sitting capacity of students of the whole school. It is to showcase the talent of students through various programs and a good place to conduct educational programs. The various kinds of school events are conducted here and the celebration of different occasions.

Online Learning
In the situation of this pandemic period with have an online learning platform for the students so that they can continue their studies from their home. Our teachers are making extraordinary efforts to complete the course of the students while clearing doubts of the students. We understand that time is very important for a student and that is why we are providing the best possible education through the medium of online learning.

Conveyance Facility
Our school has well-maintained vehicles that are reliable and safe for the students. Along with the vehicles we have professional drivers that are experienced in handling the vehicle as well as the students. The proper sitting facility of the students in the vehicle to ensure their safety and comfort.

Qualified Teachers
We have qualified teachers for each subject who have the proper knowledge in their respective subject along with the experience of a good teaching manner. Our teachers are available to clear your doubts and help you to learn in a better way.

General Facilities
The general facilities include proper electricity, pure drinking water, a large assembly area, properly maintained sanitation facilities, and others. Our school is equipped with all kinds of required facilities for the students because a motivating ambiance develops a mood to study more.

Diploma in Engineering
STI School Academy will prepare you for the IGCSE O Level exam. This exam includes a high level of engineering mathematics, physics, and such other subjects. This first diploma program is just for the high school stage. It does not focus on the specialization fields like civil, mechanical, and architectural, or many others. For young learners, this program is very beneficial as it prepares you for further higher-level diplomas.

After the age of 18 years or after high school graduates along with IGCSE O passed students will be able to understand the further specialization subjects. You can therefore choose the specific field in which you want to carry on your further education. If you have passed the IGCSE O exam the understanding of the subjects will increase. This program is also a pathway to a UK degree program if you want to go abroad for higher education.

Diploma in engineering is a program that is focused on practical exposure and skill-oriented pieces of training. The diploma programs are aimed to provide students with scientific skills, job-related knowledge, mathematical, analysis, and computing techniques, along with better ways of communication and the potential to apply problem-solving techniques. It is a kind of pre-engineering course or bridging course when you want to continue studies in the engineering related sector.

On successful completion of diploma in engineering students have two options whether to continue their higher further studies at the undergraduate level or get a job for the post of junior engineer, associate engineer, sub engineer, foreman, workshop technician, electrician, supervisors, machinist, and various kinds of similar jobs.

This diploma in engineering program introduces the students to a complete set of new knowledge and all the essential skills. This course will develop the student’s mind in such a way that he/she can understand and evaluate the situation in a better way and with better decision making abilities. This diploma is beneficial for you in many ways:

• It develops a strong foundation for further studies and for the students who want to become engineers.

• This program ensures better practical knowledge, articulate, literate, numerate, creative, and flexible.

• You will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of engineering when you will enroll in this program.

• Along with the bookish knowledge you will be educated with the wider professional responsibilities of the engineering field.

• This program will build confidence along with the right knowledge that any student requires to start a career in the engineering field.

• After successful completion of the diploma program you can start your career, it is beneficial for the students who are unable to carry on their education.

Advantages of Engineering Diploma
Successful completion of the engineering diploma has various advantages that are:

• You will receive a certificate that is beneficial further also.
• Based on your skills and diploma you can get an immediate job.
• These types of diploma courses are time and cost-saving for your career.
• It is a pathway to join engineering colleges or universities.
• The diploma course will make your further studies easy because the foundation is very strong.
• This is the best option for studies after 10th or 12th grade.
• You can also apply to the jobs of the government sector as well along with the private sector.
• This program enhances your skills and fills the potential to develop a successful career.
• If your skill catching power is good then your understanding will be greater than an experienced person.

Diploma in Health
Medical or health is a very wide field to grow and learn. After completing the first-class diploma in health you can choose a specific field in which you want to make your career. The medical field has numerous options to choose from, be specific about your career. This diploma program is for school students who are just about to enter college or seeking a job opportunity.

Pursuing this medical diploma course will open the doors for further higher education. This course is the basic foundation of higher studies and you can make a strong career with successful completion of this course. After completing this program you can also start your career as a junior in the health care industry. There are numerous benefits of a diploma in the health care industry. At STISA, we will guide you and tell you about the course in detail.

Advantages of Health Diploma
The public health sector is crucial for maintaining a healthy future for all people. People from all around the world are fighting deadly diseases and putting daily efforts to keep their life stable and their health in good condition. Some advantages of the health diploma course are:
• There are better job opportunities in the sector of public health care.
• Young professionals can secure and build their careers the way they want.
• The health care field is generating employment from all around the world, it doesn’t matter where you are in this world.
• With the best practices, you can make a difference in the health of the public.
• It reduces infant mortality rate and enhances life expectancy by eliminating infectious diseases from societies.
• A better way to help those who need professional medical assistance.
• This profession is a way to challenge yourself to think innovative and out of the box.
• The diploma course will help you become a great leader in the medical profession in the future.

These beginners' programs or first diploma programs are a better way to shape your future pathway and carry on your further studies. STI School Academy is offering guidance and counseling regarding the course where you will be informed about the benefits of pursuing a first level diploma. We will explain the complete course structure and guide you by keeping in mind your long term goals.

STI School Academy is a platform which is very beneficial for you. Our teachers are fully dedicated to the future of the students and they are working hard to make your future brighter. We are offering these diploma programs for the students of 12th grade so that they can continue their studies in a better way. For those who don’t want to continue their studies, it is a pathway to get a job with your skills because you will also get practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.

In this diploma course, there is also vocational training of the skills you require to start a job. It is a complete course which can secure your future by educating you about the respective field in which you are interested.

STISA is the Right Choice
For pursuing diploma courses in Myanmar our STI School Academy is the perfect choice for you. As we are having all the required facilities along with the quality infrastructure that you will need to complete the course. We have qualified and professional teachers in addition to world-class amenities that make our school different from other schools. You will receive a free counseling session for your career guidance.

We have all the necessary amenities that are required to learn new skills, which you need to pursue a job. Accompanying with the best amenities and teachers, we also have the best course structure that is most important for the studies and skill improvement training.

Enroll Yourself Now
Take advantage of the course and enroll yourself as soon as possible. The admissions in the course are open and we are having limited seats for the candidates so if you want to pursue the course you have to enroll your name fast. You should not wait too much for grabbing these kinds of opportunities because this can shape your career in a great way. STISA is also offering career counseling if you are confused about what to do in the future or which course you should pursue. We will guide you with each detail.

These diploma courses don’t require a large amount of fees because these are affordable keeping in mind the need of students. Accompanying with affordable fees structure, these can be very beneficial during this pandemic period as these skills can get a job for you real quick. The benefits of diploma courses in this pandemic situation are:

• It is a faster way to get a high paying job in this pandemic.
• You can ensure a secure future by learning industry based skills.
• It is an opportunity for growth after completing your basic school education.
• Unemployment might rise during this situation so the skilled person will get the job faster as compared to other candidates.

Growth Opportunity after School Education
First level diploma courses are a better growth opportunity after completing your school education. For the candidates who want to make a good career by utilizing their skills and talent, this is the perfect opportunity for them. This program ensures that you have all the required skills to carry on the job. You will be awarded a hard copy of the certificate that will be proof that you have completed the vocational skill training.

Diploma programs focus on the all-round development of an individual and make him/her a competitive person for the job. Our practical skill training instructors are having complete knowledge of the respective fields. You can visit the school premises for free career counseling we can guide you to take corrective steps for your future. Along with career guidance, we can also share the details of the diploma courses that are being offered by us, if you are interested in our level first diploma courses. Visit our official website or contact us for more information regarding further career opportunities.