Why choose STI School Academy

Why choose STI School Academy

STI school academy is offering Level 2 first diploma program. Our diploma program is focused on obtaining of appropriate aptitudes, capacities, and abilities as important tool for the person to live in adjusting to the real work circumstance and add to the improvement of his society.

Our Level 2 first diploma program is equivalent to IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in vocational pathway. The student who takes Level 2 first diploma program will be gaining a qualification that is recognised globally. It means you can take our diploma program instead of IGCSE to get admission in University or college.

We help all youngsters to tie down their future by upgrading their change to a lot of chances after school.

We offer a part of the training that uses information in the securing of pragmatic and applied ability in the arrangement of specialized and nontechnical issues. STI School Academy gives the chance of obtaining information, ability, capabilities identifying with occupations in different components of economics and social life.

We plan understudies mainly for occupations requiring manipulative aptitudes and give aptitudes, capacities, and understanding, attitude, and work propensities required for the valuable and gainful premise.

For numerous understudies who are in a problem if they ought to go to school, STI School Academy truly opens a new entryway.