Offering learning opportunities

Offering learning opportunities

Offering learning opportunities for the world
As best private school Academy in Myanmar, STISA is focused on supporting understudies in guaranteeing admittance to quality abilities improvement by:

Promoting wide based skills advancement opportunities that are fair and available by all fragments of the general public, all around the world.

Developing quality professional instruction and preparing programs that empower beneficial youth business, enterprise, lifelong learning and react to the dynamic expertise requests; and

Facilitating information exchange, systems administration, and a joint effort between worldwide professional instruction and preparing partners through its foundation;

The entirety of our work is guided by our present Medium-Term Strategy. We further advance information exchange and peer learning through our professional instruction and preparing - related exploration, distributions, and different online networks.

STISA's Strategy for vocational education and training
The procedure has two general objectives. The primary goal is to address the capacity needs of professional instruction and preparing pioneers and directors to change vocational education and training. The reinforced capacities will assist them in adjusting their institutional procedures to the changing desires for professional instruction and preparing and address different sustainable development objectives. Furthermore, the key arrangement will successfully reinforce collaboration, information exchange, and companion learning. Together, these improvements will uphold the dynamic to help systematize change. Simultaneously, STISA will make mechanisms to shape professional instruction and preparing networks and create information-based assets as drivers of developments and boost for mutual collaboration in vocational education and training.

The Strategy centers on reinforcing professional instruction capacities and participation in understudies to empower quality training in a lifelong learning point of view and to guarantee a superior reaction from training and preparing and guarantee variation to its effects. STISA acquires the methodology with guarantee comprehensive and impartial quality instruction and advance lifelong learning open doors for all, with the point of beating difficulties presented by quick innovative turns of events, continued significant levels of youth joblessness, segment changes, and developing interest for green skills.