At STISA, we accept our students deserve the best learning and education experience. The STISA offers professional training in business, technology, and science. We prepare the students to meet the market demand and inspire the students from different areas to participate more in training, education, and occupation-related to vocational technology.

STISA's educational program ordinarily alludes to the information and abilities understudies are relied upon to learn. It incorporates the learning standards or learning guidelines they are required to meet; the units and exercises that instructors teach; the tasks and projects given to understudies; presentations, videos, the books, materials, and readings utilized in a course; and the tests, appraisals, and different strategies used to assess understudy learning.

Students can take level 2 first diploma program instead of IGCSE. It means Students can join College/University after successfully completing level 2 first diploma program. Our instructors build up their educational plans, frequently improving and refining them over years, despite the fact that it is likewise normal for educators to adjust exercises and schedules made by different educators, use educational program formats and guides for structure their exercises and courses, or buy pre-packaged educational plans from people and organizations.

Through vocational training and work-based learning, we are offering an excellent learning environment. The central curriculum of our institute furnishes our understudies with a typical and testing scholarly establishment before they start courses that are explicit to their fields of study. The educational plan and teaching at STISA draw in the brains of its understudies. It encourages them to apply information, thinks innovatively, assesses fundamentally notwithstanding teaching a sense of initiative and venture.

The most significant competitive advantage is that our Level 2 program is designed and developed to cover the way for continuity of student’s higher education study at College / University or go straight to the workplace. STI School Academy is a motivating and energizing spot wherein to get the hang of, giving remarkable facilities and top-notch teaching. We are focused on planning understudies for the erudite person, social and individual challenges of their future lives and professions.

Our educational plan and ethos shape understudies' comprehension of their social duties and being a worldwide resident. From the very beginning, understudies at The STI School Academy experience inspirational elite education based on a culture of scholarly greatness, social obligation, and a transformational educational plan, created in association with our sponsor.

Our staff is focused on analyzing, testing, and inspecting the best instructions. We are figuring out how to guarantee that our schooling is the most significant, inventive, and transformational it tends to be. Our educational program offers broadness, profundity, and equalization for every one of our students to go out into the work to have any kind of effect. Our people group is comprehensive, strong, and receptive, and connected with, taking advantage of the support of our sponsor, local community associations and parents, worldwide and public school accomplices and organizations.