About us

About us

STI School Academy is a pathway to STI Myanmar University degree programs. STI Myanmar University is famous as STI education. STIMU is providing Diploma programs in business management, teacher training and English language.

STISA is where we Aspire, Believe, and Achieve! As an institute, we are continually improving. We are excited to be an aspect of this network and implement new thoughts. We have seen the foundation develop and we have encountered this. The primary development being inside authority. The school's senior authority group consistently hold Parents' Forums to talk about thoughts and preliminary changes. Working close by the senior authority group is the sixth form of leadership group which attempts to assemble understudies' sentiments and voice these to staff.

STISA has gotten the best in the area, particularly for the professions program and the open doors that the institute gives. The help, environment, and enhancement that is offered to understudies causes us to accomplish our best and arrive at our maximum capacity.

As a popular school, we have the option to build up our educational plan and learning reasoning to include better comprehension of accomplishing the training of the entire individuals. Working with our sponsor, we have built up our associated curriculum, because of the premise that understudies learn best when they can sense well from their learning.

To do this our understudies are needed to associate their learning and show their insight and comprehension at fixed focuses on the 'learning cycle'. We are an expert school in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics assuming the challenge of getting more understudies enthused and resolved to subjects which have truly observed a less differing understudy take-up. Close by our specialism, we have a fantastic program of music, craftsmanship and drama, and a world-class sports program, all of which add to our expansive and adjusted educational plan.